Weekly Professional Maintenance Service Plans

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    No matter which plan you select, 7 Star Pools will provide all chemicals and supplies needed to maintain your routine pool chemistry. Please call our office for on-site, no-obligation pricing.

    If you decide to go with our pool service, we will inspect your pool and equipment and offer you the first-month FREE with a six-month commitment.

    Prices are based on a maximum 15’x20’ or 15,000 gallon screen enclosed pool, with continual maintenance for 3 previous months. Packages include both chlorine and salt water pools. Open-air pool quotes available.

    Chemicals Only

    Maintenance by owner. We will add chemicals weekly, as needed, and keep your pool balanced.


    Add chemicals weekly and clean filter on a regular basis, as needed, and maintain pool water balance. Maintenance shall be by owner (brushing, tile, vacuuming, skimmer, etc.)

    Automatic Pool Cleaners

    We will add chemicals weekly, clean tile, skim and brush pool (no vacuuming required).

    Full Service Plan

    Add chemicals weekly, clean tile, filter, brush pool surface, skim weekly…vacuum as needed.

    **Note: We will add algaecides and calcium as needed. All plans except chemicals only include routine cleaning your pool filter, skimmer and pump baskets, as needed.

    Additional services included for our out-of-town residents:

    We will provide an overall visual exterior inspection of your pool equipment and exterior home and report anything out of the ordinary to you. We will help you contact the necessary party to take care of the problem and/or take care of it ourselves. You will be quoted a price, and upon your approval, we will attempt to handle for you.

    Ask us about our other services.

    We are a full-service pool company……. One-Stop-Shopping! We provide pressure washing, acid washes, equipment repair and replacement, interior surfaces, pool tile, brick coping, brick pavers, screen cages, etc. We can also add a spa to your existing pool, convert your fiberglass pool to a concrete pool, add steps and benches, water features, rock waterfalls, convert your pool from chlorine to a salt generated pool, or add a heater to lengthen your swimming season to year-round. Free Estimates available.
    YOU ARE OUR #1 PRIORITY AND WE AIM TO PLEASE. We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity and values. Licensed and Insured (CPC056899)…state and local.

    *Prices based on max. 15’x30’/15,000 ga. enclosed pool, with maintenance for 3 previous months.

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