How Do I measure my pool/deck to determine perimeter or sq. ft. or volume?


Deck Area: To determine sq. ft. deck material needed: Multiply length x width. (Area = length x width).




Swimming Pool Area for rectangle/square pool: Area=length x width
Example: A 14×28′ swimming pool = 14×28 = 392 sq. ft.









Water-line Tile or Pool Coping: Measure the pool perimeter (distance around pool)…add all four sides.

Example: 14×28 pool = 14 + 14 + 28 +28′ = 84 lineal ft. perimeter. This measurement is lineal feet, not square feet. Add approximately 10% for waste and left over.









For round pools/spas:

This distance around the circle is the circumference.

This distance across the circle is the diameter.

The radius is the distance from the center point of the circle to the outside at any point (or half of the diameter).

To determine the area of a round pool or spa, the formula is: 3.14(pi) x R^2(squared).
Example: An 8′ spa = 3.14 x 4 x 4 = 50.24 sq. ft.

To next determine the volume, multiply the area (50.24) x the average depth (approx. 3′ for spa).
Example: 50.24 x 3 = 150.72. This number is the volume and needs to be multiplied by multiplier 5.9 to determine gallons.

To determine circumference or perimeter of the circle, Multiply 3.14 x Radius x 2.
Example: 3.14 x 4(for 8′ spa) x 2 = 25.12′,(measurement for coping/tile).

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