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7 Star Pools Renovation and Remodel Special Savings!


7 Star Pools Swimming Pool Renovations Available:

Convert your chlorine swimming pool to a Salt Water Swimming Pool.  Add a Salt Generator.  Forget about red eyes, itchy skin and strong chemical smells.  Take your pool sanitation to a new level.  Your water will be soft, clean and clear.  Enhance your pool enjoyment!

Take advantage……….Save $200 on conversion at this time!


Pool Equipment:  Add a Heat Pump – Best warranty in the business – 10 year parts, 5-year parts and labor, life-time warranty on titanium.  Various sizes, high energy…Save up to $500.00.  Includes plumbing installation.  


Full renovation Savings…..Select 3 items and receive a salt generator free….i.e., resurface your swimming pool with pebble interior surface, replace brick coping and water-line tile, add a heat-pump, replace or install a new brick paver or travertine deck, add a screen cage enclosure.  Call for details.   $1,200.00 + value.

Stay posted for upcoming renovation and remodel specials throughout the year with 7 Star Professional Pool Renovations.



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